Topography Survey Procedure

“Topographic surveying” encompasses a broad range of surveying and mapping products, ranging from aerial mapping to ground and underground surveys. “Control surveying” likewise can cover wide area geodetic surveys to construction stakeout. The following definitions from the Florida Administrative Code (FAC 2003) illustrates how topographic and control surveying falls under the overall “surveying and mapping” field:

“Surveying and Mapping: a process of direct measurement and analysis specifically designed to document the existence, the identity, the location, and the dimension or size of natural or artificial features on land or in the air, space or water for the purpose of producing accurate and reliable maps, suitable for visualization if needed, of such documentation.”

“Topographic Survey: a survey of selected natural and artificial features of a part of theearth’s surface to determine horizontal and vertical spatial relations.”

“Control Survey: a survey which provides horizontal or vertical position data for the support or control of subordinate surveys or for mapping.”

Anderson and Mikhail 1998 define topographic surveys as follows: “A topographic map shows, through the use of suitable symbols, (1) the spatial characteristics of the earth’s surface, with such features as hills and valleys, vegetation and rivers, and (2) constructed features such as buildings, roads, canals, and cultivation. The distinguishing characteristic of a topographic map, as compared with other maps, is the representation of the terrain relief.”

The objectives of the field gathering survey is to provide all the appropriate design information for analyses and detail engineering for preliminary alignment, construction staking, topographic and distribution line as built survey for the project.

The scope shall include the following types of survey investigation at pipeline : 
- Topographic survey.
- Soil test (lab + insitu test)
- Soil Resistivity survey.

Topographic Survey
We would propose the topographic survey be conducted as follows:
- Grid survey maximum 10 m interval (not to exceed 100 m).
- Set up at least 2 benchmark within the tie in area existing highway / main road.
- Spot survey for the underground pipeline.

The team will comprise one surveyors and one data processor, we would provide 2 local labors to help the team during the survey.

Topographic and Features Map
The upper half of the sheet should detail features of topographic survey map (scale 1:1000) which consist of : 
  • Ground elevation and coordinates.
  • Contour recorded every 1 meter interval.
  • Road, paths, railways, house/ buildings, existing pipes or cables, etc
  • Rivers, stream, canals, drainages, (width and depths), etc
  • Swampy areas, cultivated area.
  • Limit of villages, district, etc
  • Benchmark locations.
  • Proposed distribution lines route with 50m interval section.
Longitudinal Profile
  • The lower half of the Street IS 8 longitudinal profile (horizontal scale 1:1000 & vertical scale 1:500) which consist of, as minimum.
  • Approximate point of elevation at specific location or regular distance.
  • Actual slope distance of points elevation and ground elevation.
  • Actual horizontal distance.
  • Chainage starting point.
  • Cross section detail with scale of,
  • Horizontal 1:500
  • Vertical 1: 200
Topographic Survey
  • Plot of Contours (scale 1:1 000)
  • Location and Coordinates of all monuments.
  • Spot Elevations.

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