Learn From Italy Lockdown!!

Italy carries out a lockdown policy for all countries. Even though the government has made decisions very quickly, but because the people are 'stubborn', eventually the situation continues to deteriorate.

What actually happened there?
What can we make an example so that it does not repeat here?
This summary comes from Italian writing re-edited, shortened, and equipped with data to make it easier to understand.

The first case was announced. Community response ... "Ah, it's just a cold, what's the point of wearing a mask? These people are just overreacting. I am healthy, I will not be infected. No need to panic, take it easy. "

The number of corona positives began to be significant in 75 people. On February 22, 2020 several small cities began to be quarantined. "Ah, only a few were hit. Even those who die are old people who already have a disease. Just live as usual, going out, hanging out with friends, going to the mall, still going on. "

The number of cases is increasing rapidly. Double in 1 day. Death has increased. On 7 March 2020, 5,067 positive cases, the red zone was put in place. The quarantined area is almost 25% of the total area of ​​Italy. Schools and universities closed. But workplaces, bars and restaurants etc. are still open.

Then ... around 10 thousand people fled the red zone before it was officially put into effect. This will worsen the situation later. Meanwhile 75% of other regions still underestimate corona. Prompts to wash hands everywhere. But just a suggestion and not many do.

The number of cases has greatly increased. Schools and universities are closed everywhere for at least a month. National emergency is imposed. Hospitals add capacity, all rooms are cleaned to make room for coronavirus patients. But there aren't enough doctors and nurses. Retirees and final-year medical students are called in and work as best they can. Doctors and nurses began to be infected, then spread it to their respective families.

There are too many cases of pneumonia, too many patients need ICU, but the room is gone. Ventilator runs out. At this point it is like a condition in WAR: the doctor must choose who will be treated based on the chances of survival. That means elderly patients and those who have congenital diseases such as hypertension / stroke are not prioritized. People die because there is no room anymore.

Doctors surrender, every day must let up to 3 people die because there are no tools and space. Nurses and nurses cry because they can only give oxygen to those who are dying. CHAOS The health care system collapsed completely.

Remember the 10,000 people who fled from the red zone throughout Italy?
Yes ....... it is true that they spread corona to 75% of the area which was previously relatively safe. On 9 March 2020, there were 9,172 cases. All red zone countries. Lockdown. People can only go to work, shop for groceries, go to the pharmacy. All businesses are still open because otherwise the economy will collapse, that's the government's policy. There is fear. People began to wear masks and gloves. But still there are young people who feel good. Go to restaurants, hangouts together, drink, etc.

2 days later, the Italian government changes its mind. All businesses must close: Bars, restaurants, shopping centers, all types of shops, etc. Except supermarkets and pharmacies. The reason is because in a positive day an additional 2,313 cases. A total of 12,423 sufferers. Residents who want to leave the house must get a permit. Obtained from police checkpoints distributed in various neighborhoods. Those who violated the fine were 3,3 million. Positive patients who do not want to quarantine themselves will be charged with the article of murder. Sentences of 1 to 12 years in prison.

With the government making a lockdown and adopting such a fast and firm policy, Italy remains the country with the highest corona fatality rate in the world. 7.3%. compared with China, which is only 3.4%. And last Sunday, March 15, 2020 Italy recorded a record number of deaths of 368 in one day. So in total there were 1,809 people died. The second highest after China. As an illustration, the size of Italy is approximately 2x Java. The population is 64 million, while the population of Java is 150 million. In Italy on February 22, there were 75 corona positive numbers, 22 days later, on March 15, 2020 the number was 24,747 people.

The number is a new record as the highest number of deaths in a day due to the Corona virus in Italy. Corona virus cases in Italy also continue to grow even though the government has imposed a national lockdown to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

Now Italy is fast becoming a new global center for the Corona virus pandemic. In less than four weeks, Italy has set a record as the country with the highest total death toll from the Corona virus.

The number of new deaths a day in Italy is also said to be higher than the number officially reported by Chinese authorities, when the Corona outbreak reached its peak in Hubei Province and the city of Wuhan. Italy is known to report more than 1,500 deaths from the Corona virus in the past three days.

In Indonesia on March 15, there were 117 corona positives. I don't know how many there are in 22 days if everything still goes like this. The government is not fast and firm, we are all who are stubborn and underestimate. We can only hope for the best, while being aware of the worst.

Come on, start from yourself. Keep clean then isolate yourself and family. Don't leave the house unless it's very - very important. Even limit visiting elderly families. Because they are the most vulnerable to corona. But I don't work in an office. If you don't work, don't eat, don't live? How about this !!!

But sir, if exposed to corona is also a danger for the lives of your father and family, right? It's time to start solidarity. Those who are capable must begin to help those who cannot. In China the government provides food for those who isolate themselves. Hopefully our government starts preparing this.

This is a form of effort and prayer for all of us. Maximizing endeavor as a form of perfecting our resignation to God. Hopefully this corona outbreak will soon pass. Only to you O Allah we surrender.

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